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Brady Client Services 495 Brady Client Services Confined Space Procedure Writing Service To ensure safe employee entry, all confined spaces in your facility must have written permit procedures. Brady's qualified field engineers will come on-site and produce confined space entry procedures for each of your identified confined spaces, providing full compliance with OSHA, best safety practices and your internal written confined space program. While on-site, our field engineers will: Gather the necessary steps and information to properly identify and classify confined spaces Author all visual procedures within our LINK360 software or a format of our client's choosing Print, laminate and install the procedures Collaborate with your team during the process to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to sustain the program in-house Visual Workplace Audits A visual workplace is a safe workplace. A visual workplace incorporates the proper signage, pipe marking and other visual directives, allowing employees to easily locate and understand their workplace environment. Brady's Visual Workplace Audits take a continuous improvement approach and provide you with a best-fit, realistic plan to improve your visual workplace. How do we do this? Once an audit is completed, our clients receive a detailed audit report that provides facility photos of areas for improvement, numbered pins showing points of install, and custom and stock product recommendations. Areas of audit focus can include: Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Signage Exit & Egress Signage Confined Space Signage General Hazard Identification Signage Traffic Control Signage Electrical Hazard Signage Sustain Your Solution In-house: Looking for a turnkey solution? Brady Client Services also offers Confined Space Training and our LINK360 procedure creation and management software to help you sustain and improve upon your progress. Sustain Your Solution In-house: Once the report is in our clients' hands, Brady offers the products and Visual Workplace Installation Services they need to make that plan a reality. 1-888-311-0774

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