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Brady Client Services 496 Brady Client Services Safety Training and Seminars When it comes to workplace safety, there's no such thing as being too informed. That's why Brady offers training solutions focused on your industry needs and what we do best: Hazcom / GHS, lockout tagout and confined spaces. Brady Client Services offers a variety of continued education opportunities for your team, including instructor-led seminars and custom training programs. Each session is performed by a member of Brady's engagement team with experience in field-based environmental health and safety operations and more. Safety training and seminar topics include: Lockout Tagout for Authorized Employees Lockout Tagout for Affected Employees Hazcom / GHS Customizable for Your Safety Needs: Require training, but don't see the topic you are interested in above? Contact us today to see how our expertise spans over a variety of compliance, safety and best practice topics. Interested in a custom 5S+ Event? Brady's lean implementation leader can customize events from 1-2 days to a week or longer. 5s+ Rapid Improvement Event Let Brady's lean implementation leader guide your team to help increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), productivity and more. Brady's lean implementation leader comes to your facility to work alongside your employees where the work needs to happen - on the production floor. : Throughout the event, we work with your team to: Address your current areas of improvement Increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) Eliminate process variability Focus on your companies' key performance indicators (KPIs) Understand the role 5S+ plays in not only reaching, but exceeding your company goals and cost incentives Once you complete the 3-day hands-on workshop, you will receive a sustainability and transition plan to ensure that you can continue to work towards the goals established in the event. In addition, our clients benefit from continued Brady support throughout their lean journey.

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