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Brady Client Services 497 Brady Client Services Visual Workplace Production Services Hosting an internal Kaizen, 5S or Kanban event, or creating a model area or cell in your workplace? Let a Brady production specialist help. Each production specialist is an expert on labeling and signage, as well as industry requirements. We aid in your lean events by coming on-site with Brady printers and materials to guide your team, and create and print the labels your event requires. We set up your personal signage shop to help you standardize your visual controls. At event completion, your model area will not only help you standardize the rest of the facility, but it will also guide you on multi-facility standardization. Standardization of visuals for: Storage Locations Line Identification Gauge Ranges Equipment Identification Valves Visual Workplace Installation Services Our turnkey installation service allows you to focus on your everyday operations, while we install the visually communicative tools necessary to keep your facility safe and compliant. We manage all projects and Paint Platoon USA, a premier provider of painting, coating and marking services, serves your floor marking, painting and installation needs. Their installation experience, in conjunction with our visual workplace expertise, help you create your ideal visual workplace. We install the visual directives necessary to keep your facility safe including: Safety Signage Installation Pipe Marking Installation Floor Marking and Painting Kaizen Painting Contact a safety practitioner today to see how we can help you improve your visual workplace. 1-888-311-0774 1-888-311-0774

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