Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 540 Lockout Tagout

540 Lockout Tagout Valve Lockouts From universal valve lockouts to adjustable gate valve lockouts, Brady offers a full line of devices to shut off all types of pressured valves. Gate valve lockout devices deny access and cover the valve handle. With ball valve lockouts and Brady's standard, quarter-turn ball valve lockout devices, a comprehensive series of options are available from the global leader in lockout tagout solutions. Collapsible Gate Valve Folds into smaller sizes for easy storage Cover rotates into fully engaged position Rugged injection-molded styrene construction 3 device sizes secure valves with 3" to 18" handle diameters Butterfly Valve Lockout Innovative design to lock out butterfly valves with a lever handle in the OFF position Will accommodate handle thicknesses of: Small - 1/8" to 2-1/2" (3.2mm to 63.5mm) Large - 2" to 4" (50.8mm to 102mm) Small Large new Catalog # Description 121504 Butterfly Valve Lockout - Small 121505 Butterfly Valve Lockout - Large Catalog # Description Qty 148646 Collapsible Gate Valve Lockout 13-18" diameters 1 148647 Collapsible Gate Valve Lockout 7-13" diameters 1 148648 Collapsible Gate Valve Lockout 3-7" diameters 1

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