Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 548 Lockout Tagout

548 Lockout Tagout TAGLOCK Circuit Breaker Lockouts TAGLOCK Circuit Breaker Securing Devices Tagout Plus Physical Restraint Protection for Multiple Workers With Brady's TAGLOCK circuit breaker securing devices, your maintenance team members can individually tag and secure each circuit breaker for improved safety and compliance. These devices are secured to circuit breakers with standard non-releasable 50-pound minimum strength nylon cable ties. Comprehensive Lockout Tagout When properly attached and secured to an energy- isolating circuit breaker, TAGLOCK lockout devices provide a positive restraint to hold the breaker switch in the safe de-energized position. All lockout tagout products, including TAGLOCK devices, should always be recognized and used in accordance with a comprehensive documented lockout tagout program that includes the use of controls, thorough lockout procedures and careful training, combined with the assurance of employee accountability. Securable by BOTH cable tie & safety lock at the same time. 120V breaker lockout devices fit on breakers next to each other, enabling multiple tagouts at one time. Save time by "pre-loading" your tag and cable tie before walking to the energy point. Innovative TAGLOCK Lockout Features Mini Lockout Tags Complete The Taglock Solution (Fasteners sold separately) TAGLOCK securing devices feature: Easy installation onto the breaker with nylon cable tie and the worker's ID tag Multiple worker tagging capabilities for up to 4 workers to apply a nylon cable tie and their ID tag Secure restraints that will remain securely fastened to the breaker switch until each person has removed their nylon cable tie and tag Pre-loadable tags enable users to prepare ID tags in advance and then quickly secure them to the designated energy control lockout points More convenien t lockout tagout option eliminates the need to use locks Cost savings when it comes to tag preparation and reduced equipment downtime 2017 ISHN Readers' Choice Award Winner new Catalog # Description Size Qty. 148824 Mini Tag 2-1/2" x 2" 25 81762 Nylon Fasteners 7" 100

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