Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 553 Lockout Tagout

553 Lockout Tagout new Electrical Lockouts Stopower Plug Lockouts Ideal for office equipment and other frequently locked out cords For use on 2 or 3 pronged polarized plugs Cord cannot be plugged in with Stopower in place Device cannot be removed without key Detachable IEC Plug Lockout Block to prevent power going to the socket Durable, vibrant-orange nylon material Lightweight, compact size Simply plug into socket and twist 3-In-1 Electrical Plug Lockout Accommodates high and low-voltage plugs up to 3" in diameter and 5-1/2" in length 2 sliding top lids can be used individually or together to accommodate small, medium and large-diameter cords up to 1-1/4" Constructed of yellow thermoplastic Visual label supplied in bilingual format Hubbell Plugout Lockout Two sizes available to fit most heavy industrial plug applications Small version accepts plugs with maximum 2-3/4" diameter and 4-3/4" length with 1" cord Large version accepts plugs with maximum 4-1/2" diameter and 10-3/20" length with 19/20" cord Electrical Plug Lockouts Prevent electrical plugs from being inserted into a wall outlet. Use when plug will not remain under the exclusive control of the person performing service Constructed of rugged polypropylene Small 110V lockout: 2"H x 2"D x 3-1/2"W with 1/2" dia. hole for cable Large 220/500V lockout: 3-1/4"H x 3-1/4"D x 7"W with 1" dia. hole for cable Electrical/Pneumatic Plug Lockout Accommodates a large variety of electrical plugs up to 3-1/2" in diameter and 5" in length as well as male air hose connectors Holes accommodate electrical cord or "necked down" pneumatic male fittings commonly attached to compressed air hose Works on 110V, 220V & 550V plugs Constructed of durable polystyrene Catalog # Type PLO23 3-in-1 Plug Lockout Catalog # Type 65674 Small 110V Plugout 65675 Large 220/500V Plugout Catalog # Type PLO27E Electrical/Pneumatic Plug Lockout Catalog # Type 65695 Small Plugout 65968 Large Plugout Catalog # Type Qty. 65673 Red Stopower Plug (keyed different) 1 QB0033 Red Stopower Plug (keyed alike) 1 Catalog # Description Qty. 65392 Red Wall Switch Lockout 1 65696 Red Wall Switch Lockout 6 WSLO Clear Wall Switch Lockout 1 *Padlock not included Catalog # Type Qty. 148081 Detachable Power Cord Plug Lockout 1 1-888-272-3946 Wall Switch Lockouts Use with most wall-mounted switches Easy to install using existing screws 65392 & 65696 come in a high visibility red and can lock switch in "on" or "off" position WSLO style features a patented non-hinge design and is made of strong, clear polycarbonate

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