Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 557 Lockout Tagout

557 Lockout Tagout Lockout Training & Awareness Aids Lockout Tagout: Your Key To Safety Train employees to protect themselves and others during machine servicing and maintenance. This program shows how to recognize all potential hazards and handle them safely. Includes: Live action 20 minute, DVD video 24 page Instructor guidebook 11 employee handbooks 1 - Trainer Tools CD-ROM 1 - Awareness Poster Lockout For Life Learn from other workers' tragic mistakes. This motivational video presents six real-life dramatizations of actual lockout accidents and analyzes how they could have been prevented Suitable for new and experienced employees Run time: 19 minutes Available on DVD or USB Lockout Tagout Safety Training Video: Global Best Practice Training Comprehensive training video features targeted regulatory and compliance content 5 languages included: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese Includes Instructor's Guide, Employee Quiz and 25 min video that: Clearly defines and explains Lockout Tagout Overviews compliance standards and regulations from countries around the world Outlines an effective four-step Lockout Tagout program for employers Covers important subtopics in-depth such as handling group lockout and shift changeovers Bonus Feature: 19 short installation videos on how to use some of the most common lockout devices Catalog # Description 132426 LOTO Global Training Video DVD 132427 LOTO Global Training Video USB 833918 LOTO Global Training Video USB - European Supplies information in English, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Polish and Russian 1-888-272-3946 Catalog # Description Qty. 104275 Complete Kit - DVD version - English 1 104216 Complete Kit - DVD version - Spanish 1 Catalog # Description 51793 Lockout For Life DVD English/Spanish video (includes 10 English booklets) 65555 Additional English booklets (10/pkg) Catalog # Description 51454 LOTO For Authorized & Affected Personnel DVD (English) 51455 LOTO For Authorized & Affected Personnel DVD (Spanish) LOTO for Authorized & Affected Personnel Provides a comprehensive introduction to the key components of an effective LOTO program Comes with reproducible quiz and certificate Spanish language video also available (quiz and certificate in English only) Run time: 17 minutes (DVD format)

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