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558 Lockout Tagout Lockout Tagout Procedures Lockout/Tagout Posted Procedure ID#: Created: Revised: 1234 9/23/2016 3 Lockout Points Note: Thermal energy and burn hazard. Ensure heat has dissipated before proceeding. Piping systems can store energy hydraulically. Ensure pressures are isolated and/or have been relieved before proceeding. Facility: Description: Good Hope - Boiler Room Hot Water Boiler #2 Location: Boiler Mechanical Room 234 Lockout Steps Step # 1 E-1 Electrical 480V 2 W-1 Water Heating Water Return 3 G-1 Gas Natural Gas Action The E-1 d isconnect is located on the North side of the machine. Turn d isconnect to the off position and loc k out. Use a l ock and hasp device. The W-1 g ate v alve is located on the North side of the machine. Turn g ate v alve to the off position and lockout. Use a g ate valve lockout device. The G-1 b utterfly v alve is located on the East side of the machine. Turn v alve to the off position and lockout. Use a b utterfly v alve l ockout Info E-1 W-1 G-1 Verification Attempt restart at all control panels. Verify pressure has bled off. W Page 1 of 1 W-1 E-1 G-1 Facility and location are prominently stated to minimize any chance of confusion. Clearly identifies the number of lockout points requiring attention for proper shutdown. Step by step written instructions detail the requirements for appropriate lockout. Incorporated images help convey the message to your entire workforce. Lockout Tagout Procedures Written procedures are a critical piece of an effective lockout tagout program. They provide clear, visually-intuitive instructions and specific steps necessary for shutting down, isolating, blocking and securing equipment to control hazardous energy. When employees can easily understand lockout procedures, they are more likely to utilize the procedures for safe machine lockout. Brady's software programs and procedure writing service provide you with options to complete these procedures. 29 CFR 1910.147 (c)(4) Machine-specific Lockout Tagout procedures are required for equipment having more than one energy source, as well as for much equipment having a single energy source. OSHA Lockout Tagout Regulations

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