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559 Lockout Tagout Lockout Tagout Procedures Brady Safety Software & Services Visual Lockout Procedure Writing Services: Brady Safety field engineers apply their on-site experience and knowledge of OSHA's 1910.147 standard to create highly visual, standardized procedures that are easy to understand. Annual Lockout Procedure Audit: Annual audits of your lockout procedures are an OSHA requirement to ensure your procedures remain up to date. Let us take the pain out of the process and complete your Annual Lockout Procedure Audit. Visit to learn more today! LINK360 Software Brady's LINK360 cloud based software offers procedure creation, procedure maintenance, audit reminders and more in order to manage, store and sustain machine safety and procedural information. It includes three centers that address common areas of focus when operating your equipment safely: Lockout Tagout, Confined Space and Reliability / Maintenance. With Link360 software, you can: Create and update procedures and permits Facilitate reviews, comments and approvals Setup regularly scheduled audit processes and reminders Time-stamping and record keeping Request A Demo: Visit or email THE LINK360 ADVANTAGE: Cloud-based software allows for program scalability and access from mobile and tablet devices (iOS and Android) User-defined permission for viewing, editing and approving helps ensure the correct people are doing the correct activities Pre-defined templates and standardized procedures allow for multi-site standardization Workflow and responsibility assignments for sites, areas and equipment improves employee accountability around machine safety and productivity Audit alerts, notification and detailed reporting help companies keep information up to date 1-888-272-3946

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