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563 Brady Safety Software & Services Lockout Procedure Services: Lockout Machine Inventory & Assessment Service Our team identifies and provides a snapshot of the equipment requiring lockout that you have on site, along with a detailed equipment list. Visual Lockout Procedure Writing Service Brady Safety Field Engineers apply their on-site experience and knowledge of OSHA's 1910.147 standard to create highly visual, standardized procedures that are easy to understand. Annual Lockout Procedure Audit Annual audits of your lockout procedures are an OSHA requirement to ensure your procedures remain up to date. Let us take the pain out of the process and complete your Annual Lockout Procedure Audit. 2016 Brady Worldwide Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 9. Proper lockout requires: A) Placing a lock, tag and hasp on an energy isolating device B) Only pressing the E-Stop button on the equipment control panel C) Removing an interlocked guard while the machine is operating D) Taking shortcuts to finish the job quicker 13. Authorized employees must do what to stored energy when locking out equipment? A) Release it B) Nothing C) Notify a supervisor D) Ask a co-worker 11. Gravity is a form of hazardous energy. A) True B) False 15. Which of these steps is NOT part of the best practice procedure for safe and effective lockout? A) Rely on the employer to notify employees of lockout B) Alert all affected employees C) Dissipate any stored energy D) Lockout the energy isolation point 12. Lockout tagout devices must be labeled to identify the specific employees authorized to apply and remove them. A) True B) False 10. It is okay to take a co-workers word that a piece of equipment is locked out. A) True B) False 14. Tags are as safe as placing a lock on the energy's source. A) True B) False 9. Pro rope e er r lo lo oc ck ko o ou ut t t r req q quires A) Placi cing g g a lo oc ock k, ta ag an nd d hasp isolat tin ng g d de ev vice e B) Only p pre res essi in ng g th he E- -St to op butt equipm me e ent t c co ont nt trol ol p pan an nel C) Remov vin ng g an an n i inte erlo oc cke ked ed guar machin ne i is s o op pe era at tin ng D) Taking sh sho ortcu cu ut ts to to o fi fin nish sh the jo 11. Gravity is a f form m m o of f m h ha az z za a ard do ou us e ha A) True B) False 12. Lockout tagout ut de e ev vi v c ce e es s m m mu u ust st b b be u labeled to ident ntify y y t t th he e s sp p pe ec c cifi fic c employees au ees aut thori ori riz ized ed d d t to o z a ap p pp ply y an remove remove them. m. A) True True B) Fal B) False ) False 10. It is oka ay t to o o ta tak ak k ke e o e a a c co o-w wo worke c that a p piec ce e o of f e eq qu u uip ip p pm me e ent i out. A) True B) False PICTURE YOUR LOGO HERE Lockout Tagout Quiz 1. During a shift change, departing workers must remove their locks ____________ the arriving workers attach theirs. A) Before B) After C) While D) None of the Above 5. This type of energy source uses pressurized air to move heavy objects or machinery. A) Kinetic B) Hydraulic C) Electric D) Pneumatic 3. Which statement is true concerning tagout devices? A) Tags are only warning devices B) Tagout devices can always be used in place of lockout devices C) Tags may be removed by any affected employee once lockout is complete D) Tags provide equivalent security to using a lock 7. Responsibilities of an "authorized employee" include: A) Notifying all "affected employees" in the area B) Shutting down/de-energizing equipment or machine C) Applying locks and tags D) All of the above 4. "Affected employees" are those responsible for implementing the energy-control procedures or performing the service or maintenance activities. A) True B) False 8. Who can remove a lockout or tagout device? A) Affected employees B) Authorized employees C) Other employees D) Only the authorized employee who applied it 2. What is the first step in performing a proper lockout? A) Remove machine guards B) Notify affected employees C) Begin servicing machine D) Apply locks 6. Before lockout or tagout devices are removed and energy is restored, employees must ensure: A) All affected employees have been notified B) All proper machine guards have been reapplied C) All tools and employees have been removed from the equipment area D) All of the above NAME: ___________________________________ DATE: ___________________________ Lockout Tagout Training: Lockout Train-the-Trainer This session will empower your employees to become your lockout safety trainers by helping them understand how to effectively engage employees and facilitate both classroom and hands-on training. Lockout Safety Training We incorporate your custom program elements into the sessions, so your employees can go from classroom to on-the-floor application. Training available for: Authorized Employees, Effected Employees and General Employees. Lockout Tagout Program Services: Lockout Program Gap Analysis Our team will evaluate both the compliance and behavioral application of your lockout program to clearly identify any gaps and provide an action plan for improvement. Lockout Program Development, Implementation & Training A Brady Safety Engagement Specialist will assess your current lockout program elements and create your custom world-class program. 1-888-272-3946

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