Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 6 Key Business Issues

6 Key Business Issues Lean Manufacturing & Maintenance Equipment Reliability Made Visual Lean manufacturers know that maintaining optimum equipment performance is critical, since they typically have less safety stock to rely on in the event of unexpected breakdowns. Equipment visuals such as those shown below are especially useful to those implementing autonomous, preventive and predictive maintenance programs. Incorporating visuals into your reliability program can provide important benefits: Simplified operator-based care training Faster detection of operating abnormalities Quicker troubleshooting and root cause analysis Reduced stored inventory Fewer unplanned MRO purchases Improved safety and employee morale Lubrication PM Inspection Parts Management Equipment ID Predictive Maintenance Create labels like these with Brady's MarkWare Software and a Brady Label Printer Did you know? 75% of learning is done through visuals Find out how you can increase employee knowledge, improve productivity and safety, and reduce waste all through the power of workplace visuals. Download the guide:

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