Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 9 Key Business Issues

9 Key Business Issues Lockout Tagout Learn More: Download the 5 Steps To An Effective Lockout Program Whitepaper Download the full whitepaper today for more information and details on each one of these 5 steps. Visit to download the whitepaper. Step 1: Develop Energy Control Policy/Program The first step is to develop and document a lockout policy that identifies in detail the purpose and scope of your lockout program. It establishes the 'nuts and bolts' of your overall lockout program. Step 3: Identify Energy Control Points The third step is to locate and mark all energy control points, including valves, switches, breakers and plugs, with permanently placed labels or tags. Energy Control Point Signs, Tags and Labels Brady has a full line of energy source identification products. Industrial Label Printers Create your energy source identification with Brady's make-it-yourself high performance printing systems. Step 5: Provide Proper Protective Products Brady offers a comprehensive line of lockout devices including: Safety Padlocks Personal & Group Lockout Kits Lockout Tags Wide variety of lockout devices for valves, plugs, circuit breakers, fuses and more 5 Steps To An Effective Lockout Program (page 438) Step 2: Machine-Specific Lockout Procedures Per OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147(c)(4), detailed machine-specific procedures are required outlining scope, purpose, authorization, rules and techniques to be utilized for the control of hazardous energy. Visual lockout procedures provide clear, visually-intuitive instructions for employees to follow. Brady offers several options for creating these procedures: LINK360 Cloud-Based Software To manage, store and sustain machine safety and procedural information, LINK360 offers procedure creation, procedure maintenance, audit reminders and more. Lockout/Tagout Procedure Writing Service When utilizing Brady's Procedure Writing Services, you can rest assured that your procedures will be created and installed by industry experts who author over 26,000 procedures annually. 1-888-272-3946 Step 4: Training, Communication & Inspections Brady offers communication products that you can use to train your employees on lockout practices and procedures. Safety Training & Awareness Aids Brady offers handbooks, posters, labels, videos and DVD programs that you can use to train your employees.

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