Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 9 Key Business Issues

9 Key Business Issues Lockout Tagout Brady's Professional Lockout Procedure Services Compact Cable Padlocks (page 538) Flexible cable means you can angle and twist padlock or lockout multiple energy isolation points with one lock, all while allowing the panel door to still close. Mini Safety Lockout Tags (page 524) Communicate safety and lockout information at the point of need with Brady's wide selection of OSHA-compliant lockout tags. Brady's lockout tags come in a variety of materials and legends to suit your application. Collapsible & Transparent Gate Valves (page 540) Brady's new Collapsible Gate Valves fold into smaller sizes for easy storage, while the new Transparent Gate Valves allows you to visually confirms the appropriate position, identifies valve leaks, and helps ensure safety. Safety Lock & Tag Carrier (page 534) Reduce the amount of lost or misplaced padlocks and hasps with the new Safety Lock and Tag Carrier. This convenient carrier transports and storages locks, keys, tags and hasps all in one place. Ultra Compact Lock Boxes (page 536) New Ultra Compact Lock Box and Safety RedBox Lockout Box offer the size and portability needed in small group lockout applications. Both also offer simple storage with wall-mount bracket for when not in use. new TAGLOCK Circuit Breaker Lockouts (page 549) 2017 ISHN Readers' Choice Award Winner! With Brady's TAGLOCK lockouts, your maintenance team can individually tag and secure each breaker for improved safety and compliance. Lockouts are secured to breakers with standard nylon cable ties. Visual Lockout Procedure Writing Services: Brady Safety field engineers apply their on-site experience and knowledge of OSHA's 1910.147 standard to create highly visual, standardized procedures and templates that are easy to understand. Annual Lockout Procedure Audit: Annual audits of your lockout procedures are an OSHA requirement to ensure your procedures remain up to date. Let us take the pain out of the process and complete your Annual Lockout Procedure Audit. Contact Brady Safety today for more information at: 1-888-311-0774 or visit to learn more. Brady New Lockout Tagout Solutions: 1-888-272-3946

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