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27 Visual Workplace Software Brady offers label, sign and procedure writing software to meet your facility identification needs. Brady's software programs are ideal for use in 5S, Standard Work, Total Productive Maintenance and other lean initiatives. MarkWare Lean Tools software also includes templates that allow you to quickly create multicolor gauge labels, lube instructions, oil level indicators and more.* * Multi-color labels and cut out lables available only on GlobalMark Color & Cut and Multicolor models. Single-color labels available on GlobalMark monocolor and BBP 31 model printers Markware Lean Tools Software MarkWare Lean Tools software lets you easily create signs, labels, tags and other visuals right on your computer. and more 2 printer, BMP 71 printer, MiniMark printer and PowerMark printer Link360 Software Link360 Software is a cloud-based platform used to manage the visual information on and around equipment and machines. It assists in creating and maintaining a safe working environment for employees, while maintaining optimal performance levels. Link360 Software includes two program centers: Users can create and manage visually instructive lockout procedures, tags, and energy source labels for printing and posting on equipment. Manages the creation and access to visually instructive maintenance procedures that assist operators, engineers, and technicians in maintaining machine and equipment performance levels. Online Video & Demo: English & Foreign Language Headers Warning Prohibition Mandatory First Aid Fire Safety Haz Chem Tools Public Info. Built-in library with over 1000 high-quality, scalable symbols and pictograms Tool Storage Work Instructions Process Identification Part Management NEW! A complete view of your visual information activities. PM Instructions Catalog # Description 20700L MarkWare LEAN Software 20711L MarkWare LEAN Software & Laminating Kit MARKWARE & LINK360 SOFTWARE MarkWare & Link360 Software Visit for more information or call an Inside Sales Representative at 1-888-311-0775. Want more information?

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