Visual Workplace Catalog Page 28 Visual Workplace for Lean Enterprises

2013 Brady Worldwide Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED USA Customer Service: 1-888-272-3946 Inside Sales: 1-888-311-0775 Canada Customer Service: 1-800-263-6179 Mexico Customer Service: 1-800-262-7777 Inside Sales: 1-800-262-7777 ext 177 Y1256885 MS1256885 Visual Management Workshop Brady's Visual Management Workshop is a hands-on learning experience that engages your team members in the visual transformation of your facility. Visual workshops teach your team how to reinforce standards, highlight abnormalities and sustain improvements. and downtime areas Visual Lockout Procedure-Writing Service This on-site service guarantees your facility has an effective lockout program that complies with OSHA's lockout regulations. Brady engineers will come to your facility and create visually-instructive, machine specific procedures and place them directly onto your equipment. premiums Visit for more information! Scan the QR code for more information Learn more now about visual workplace at Workshops Specific to Your Lean Practices To help you succeed with your company's lean methods, Brady offers workshops for a variety of continuous improvement topics, including: System Lean Visual Blog Seeing Lean: One Visual At A Time to follow Rick Ruzga, an executive level operational excellence leader with more than 15 years of delivering aggressive business results. Belt/Lean and Certified Quality Manager/OE (ASQ). Visit to subscribe today! Lean and Safety Consulting Services

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